Ecology at Villa Tiki:


Because of the desire to preserve a privileged environment, Villa Tiki places ecology at the center of its operation. Officially with a label (the European Ecolabel) and locally with a territorial approach to the South of the Landes (Sustainable Tourism). These commitments are reflected daily in a set of measures and small steps essential to offer a more responsible tourism.

The European Ecolabel


In 2017, Villa Tiki was awarded the European Ecolabel (the only official ecolabel of the European Union recognized for its high level of requirement) and thus becomes the first Surflodge in Europe to obtain it. This seal of excellence certifies:

- The use of renewable energies.
- Saving energy and water.
- The reduction of waste production.
- Improvement of the local environment.

The "Sustainable Tourism" approach :


Villa Tiki also engages locally with the Sustainable Tourism charter. Its objective is to federate the tourist actors of the territory around a tourism more respectful of the natural environment by reducing the impacts of the various activities on the environment.



- The villa is equipped with a solar water heater.
- 100% of the electricity comes from renewable energies thanks to the supplier ENERCOOP.
- Energy saving at all levels (all energy-saving light bulbs, all appliances in class A + or A ++, automatic shut-off system for heating when doors and windows open, presence detectors for 'lighting..)



- We sort waste for recycling (glass, plastic, metal, paper, cardboard, corks, batteries ...).
- We make sure not to buy over-packaged and disposable items.
- Vegetable and food waste is composted.

- Thanks to the installation of aerators, the average flow of faucets and showers is less than 6 liters / minute whereas a typical faucet consumes on average 12 liters / minute. Taking a shower at the villa is saving more than 50% water without losing comfort.
- We recover rainwater (40,000 liters per year on average). This water is then used to feed the flushes and water the garden.
- To avoid wasting water, a tank is available to rinse the combinations.


- Schedules and bus plans are available in the entrance.
- A comprehensive and detailed map of the network, made by us, is also available.
- Bicycles are at your disposal.

- The majority of the outdoor area is non-smoking to preserve the quality of the air.
- We do not use pesticides for the maintenance of green spaces.

- All paper (toilet paper, paper towel, envelope, printer ...) are European Ecolabel certified.
- All cleaning products used (except the disinfectant) are certified European Ecolabel.

- We set up a monitoring of consumption (water, electricity, waste ...) to optimize them at best.


- Products for sale at the villa are carefully selected (natural Wax, organic sunscreen, organic drinks ...)



- The used surfing material is donated to Surfeurs Solidaires in Bayonne. This association aims to help surfing in poor countries.
- The wood used for the construction of the terraces is not treated chemically but by rétification. (high temperature treatment).
- The other timber are local (Landes).
- The insulation of the cabin and the bathroom was made with natural insulation (wood fiber and cork).
- The paints and varnishes used are ecolabelled.

- Bed linen is organic cotton.

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