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This site complies with Deliberation n°2006-138 of May 9, 2006 deciding on the exemption from declaration of processing operations constituted for the purposes of information or external communication (Exemption from declaration n°7) – JORF n°128 of June 3, 2006 – text no. 80. Exemption no. 7 concerns the processing of personal data implemented by any private or public body for the purposes of information and external communication. It applies to institutional websites and contact files.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, you have the right to access, rectify and delete data concerning you (art.34 of the “Data Protection” law); to exercise it, please contact
Villa Tiki
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The audience measurement solutions cookie.


What do we mean when we say "cookie"?

This is “information stored in terminal equipment”, which is placed by a website on a user's terminal. Drop a
“Cookie” therefore consists of sticking a “label” on the Internet user's terminal.

Position of the CNIL concerning "cookies used to carry out audience measurement”.

The CNIL is aware of the need for a publisher to measure the audience of its website. It observes that cookies are frequently used for this purpose and that this device also contributes to the service provided to the Internet user. Visitor statistics allow publishers to detect navigation problems on their site or to highlight certain content particularly requested by Internet users. Given the specific purpose of these cookies and the very limited risk to the protection of privacy, the CNIL has decided to consider that these cookies could be implemented without having received the prior consent of Internet users. However, to benefit from this exemption to consent, the CNIL considers that this processing must comply with the following specific conditions:

Information : Clear and complete information must be provided by the site editor in order to ensure transparency on the use of traffic analysis tools.

>>> A link to this information is present on all the pages of the site to the page " Legal Notice » as well as on the page «Privacy policy“.
Permission to access : Any person proving his identity has the right to question the person in charge of this site to know if he holds information on him, and if necessary to obtain communication.

>>> See address above.
Right of objection : You can oppose the registration of “cookies” by configuring your browser. For exemple :
. If you browse the Internet with Internet Explorer (Microsoft): click “tools”, “Internet options”, “privacy”. Click on the “advanced” button, check the “Ignore automatic cookie management” box, check the two “refuse” boxes, then validate. (IE must be closed for the configuration to be taken into account).
. If you are browsing on Firefox (Mozilla). Click “tools”, “options”, “privacy”. Uncheck “accept cookies” or click on the “exceptions” button and enter the site name and click on “block”.
Some services require the user to accept cookies. If the browser is configured to refuse them, access to these services may be altered or even impossible.
Browser manufacturers are developing new mechanisms to allow Internet users to express their privacy preferences.

Limited purpose :
>>> The use of cookies is strictly limited to the measurement of audience of the pages of the site, without allowing the identification of the people visiting our site.
IP adress : The use of the IP address for geolocation is city-wide and anonymized
>>> (see below).
The duration of the conversation : The information is kept for a maximum period of 6 months.
>>> (see below).
Combining the absence of prior consent with strict conditions of implementation for this type of cookie, the CNIL aims to reconcile respect for privacy and the activity of publishers. This position is likely to change depending on the common position that all of the European CNILs (G29) could adopt.

Implementation of these specificities on our site

IP anonymization

With the following instructions installed in the HTML code, GoogleAnalytics strips the last octet of visitors' IP addresses before using and storing them. This reduces the accuracy of geographic data to the city.

var _gaq = _gaq || [];
_gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-XXXXXXX-YY']); _gaq.push(['_gat._anonymizeIp']);

Cookie lifespan

The information is kept for a maximum of 6 months._gaq.push(['_setVisitorCookieTimeout', 15778463000]);

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